iTero Element

 Because we are committed to improving the oral healthcare knowledge of our patients, we have invested in the newest technology for taking digital impressions- the iTero Element Scannner. A full mouth scan can be completed in about 10 minutes, building a digitial model of your teeth within minutes. This is an alternative to traditional impressions for many of our procedures including Invisalign & crown/bridgework. 

Some Highlights –

·         Scan capture time of 40-50 milliseconds which equates to 20 scans/pictures per second vs. 1 scan per second with the iTero 2.9

·         Captures images at 6,000 frames per second vs. 800 frames per second of the iTero 2.9

·         19” HD Screen touch screen which offers real-time color scans and works with gloves on

·         20x faster overall speed than the iTero 2.9 (our previous model)

·         40% Lighter wand